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April 2010




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Apr. 25th, 2010



I am so tired of the ads and issues with LJ.

Go visit me Here at suburban-savage.blogspot.com


Mar. 15th, 2010

black books, bernard

the Ides of March

Today we come to  Praise and celebrate Caesar (and the Ides of March).

For fun today, we realized one must beware when no bread is left for making Roman toast - instead we had a few slices of pie left over from Pi Day (thankfully, I enjoy celebrating all sorts of obscure holidays - or as I like to say, everyday is a holiday if you think about it).

We have made a hopscotch board (is that what you call it?) using Roman numerals, discussed the Roman gods (we are mythology geeks 'round here), decided what kind of gladiator we would be and played with my gladiator sticker book (yes, I own one), read about the rise and fall of Julius Caesar and have just finished a batch of Fallen Caesars.  Mmmm.... julius.

imagine very cool picture here.

Lucy felt the need for Julia Caesar as well

imagine cool picture of female cookies with stab wounds here.

imagine me leaving livejournal because I am frickin' tired of the issues with media...bye bye and off to blogspot after I fix some dormouse for dinner.

Feb. 8th, 2010


Happy Birthday!!!

Today Lucy turns 5.  She was born at 7:11 am - I used to think she was lucky, but maybe it is us who are so lucky;  Lucky to share her journey through life. 

Lucy is an amazing person - among other things of which I could wax on for paragraph after paragraph - she is so giving.  This morning when she woke up, she wanted to give her brother his un-birthday present - she didn't even think of her own gifts (though when she opened ours she was most pleased).  Lucy  knew exactly how and where she wished to celebrate today and soon we shall head off to do so.

I admire her confidence and her unique sense of style;  I am ever so glad that I get to spend my days accompanying her on her journey through this world and that she allows me to see the world through her eyes!

Happy Birthday Lucy!

We love you Lucy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb. 5th, 2010

dr. donna

(no subject)

Occasionally, I present the challenges on Think! to Taran and Lucy.  I find the way they accept these challenges most fascinating (apparently Spock zipped in and took over my blog for a moment).  Today I laid out all the change we had on our table ala this challenge.  Taran jumped up on the table with the chant "money, money, money".  When I suggested they could be used as a building material as well, Taran looked up at the ceiling and decided legos would be a much more pleasurable and suitable building material; Lucy agreed.

I love their independent spirit and way of not being bound by any sort of "rules" or conventions.  I don't think Taran has ever accepted one of the challenges from Think!  He often will take a portion of the materials and go his own route (like the time he used the drinking straws to add new dimensions to his own creations).  Lucy, also, has her particular style. She may choose to accept a challenge, but she is not afraid to modify it to her own needs, or , she may choose to assist her brother in creating his visions and plotlines.  I just noticed that "kidswhothink" is the title of the blog - how cool that Taran and Lucy are not afraid to think for themselves!

I love them and their strength of conviction so much.

Now to join in the lego creations...

Jan. 26th, 2010


First cup o' Joe

It is 10:37am and I'm still on the first cup of delicious coffee that my husband makes every morning. Why?

We walked the dog (okay I pretty much did this on my own...except for the dog. She also was involved).

We discussed Nairuto and the characteristics of the villages.

We played Nairuto.

We pulled out a guppy who looks likely to birth soon (that was fun as we don't own a net anymore). We don't want her offspring to become dinner for the other guppies. Decided to try later with the other female who is quicker than the first.

Discussed the grocery list and did some meal planning.

Looked at the wonderful ikea hack for a hamster. Decided we needed to do that for ourselves.

Taran and Lucy created an elaborate experiment involving one of our Tick mini-figures + dinner mints + hand sanitizer + dishwahing soap + water + hand soap + toothpaste (colgate & aqua fresh).

Made Mexican Strip doughnuts via a recipe in Better Homes & Gardens (modified to eliminate gluten and because I am out of eggs). We also made a tastier rolling poweder to coat them in (cinnamon+sugar+chocolate).

Talked a bit about PJ (percy Jackson the demigod).

Planned on making a majorly modified lumpia meal for lunch (using ingredients on hand - don't feel like going out to shop today).

Plus done a bit of research on the interwebs - quite a full morning since I awoke 2.5 hours ago.

Now, I'm off to finish my coffee and see if any doughnuts are left.

Jan. 22nd, 2010


Fantastic Puzzled Giveaway!

Fantastic Puzzled Giveaway!

Shared via AddThis

These puzzles are beautiful. Us? we threw in our names for the tree puzzle. I think you should enter the giveaway, too!

Jan. 11th, 2010



Intently analyzing Cartoon Network's story telling style

Iron Chef Tuna

Design board

Num Num's new dress (thanks to the aforementioned design board)

Dec. 8th, 2009

Pongo Leer


Yesterday we began our Flower Maze. We are sprouting black-eyed peas (the experiment called for kidney beans, but if you know me, you know I will not be bound by rules). Once they begin to sprout, we shall build a maze for them to grow inside of (they should grow towards the light). We shall begin by following the experiment set up (use a shoe box with a hole at one end and two partial partitions); Taran and Lucy wish to increase the difficulty of the maze and see if we build something resembling the Labyrinth.

Enjoy our pics, while we try and wait patiently...

Dec. 6th, 2009


Janice VanCleave

Over at one of my favorite sites, Ordinary Life Magic (too), they are running a v. cool give away. Thought you might want to check it out. Janice VanCleave is offering up a chance at three of her books - autographed no less. Now, you probably know how much we love experiments around here (and if we ever can stop drinking it all up we are planning on finishing our hot chocolate ice melting one) and so, you realize I can't pass this one up. The tough part will be choosing which of the numerous experiments in Ms. VanCleave's numerous books to do.... off to the children's book section to choose one.

Dec. 5th, 2009



I worked a long day today and was very tired. When I arrived home though, I ran into the house yelling and dragged the whole family outside. The airship that Misty and I had spotted as we drove toward the Marta station followed me home. Taran, Lucy, Chuck and I stood in the v. cold weather (for Atlanta) and watched as it soared overhead.

The sound of those propellers overhead was magical. We watched as this beautiful airship rose above the treeline and, as it was buffeted by the winds, make its way to the west and back toward downtown.

When it became too cold outside, Lucy ran upstairs and notified us that it was visible outside our bedroom windows; of course we had to run up and see. I realized that the direction it was traveling would make it visible outside our sliding glass doors in mere moments. Down the stairs we ran and watched until the ship flew out of sight.

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